Communication in the Arts and Sciences: Telling the Story of Science

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Communication in the Arts and Sciences (CAS) series act as a platform for researcher/field expert in UUM to share their expertise with the faculty members from the schools/ centres and college. The CAS series is one of the initiative strategies used for encouraging cross-disciplinary research among researchers in UUM. Presently, Research Institute of Computing & Technology has successfully organized two discussion programmes (talk programme).

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The first programme (26th August 2015) was the “Big Data for Social Scientists” (in collaboration with the Big Data Task Force and Human-Centred Computing Research Group from School of Computing). The invited facilitators are researchers from the above mentioned task force and group, and they are Assoc. Prof.  Fadzilah Siraj  and Dr. Azizi Ab. Aziz. For the second programme (12th Nov 2015), two researchers and experts from Media 3D, Innovative and Aesthetic (M3DIA) Lab School of Multimedia Technology & Communication, Assoc. Prof Nasir Zulkifli  and Dr. Juliana Aida Abu Bakar shared their research projects and inspirations in  “Beyond Reality: What Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have to Offer?” Both presentations and discussions, concluded with a Q&A session. These sessions help to improve the participants’ understanding of the matters discussed as well as encourage the participants to exchange ideas pertaining to the topics in the Big Data and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

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