Master of Arts (Social Work)

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  • Master of Arts in Social Work programme by research is designed for the holder of a bachelor’s degree in social work, social work practitioners, and individuals in the social aid profession to attain advanced knowledge in social work theories and practice. Through this programme, students will undertake fully supervised research project. This approach enables the students to gain experience in exploring problems, analysing ideas and theories, evaluating practice, synthesizing and linking knowledge with practice, utilizing research methods and producing new ideas in various areas of social work. The integrated skills acquired through this learning process will enhance the students’ capabilities in both theories and practice which will assist them in developing a professional career in the field of social work.
    Master of Science (Social Work) is offered in one mode:
    • Full Research
    Name: Dr. Fatimah Zailly Ahmad Ramli
    Tel    : +604-928 5715 / 5715
    E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Applicants for the Master’s Programme under the UUM College of Arts and Sciences must possess the following:

    a) A Bachelor’s degree with Honours from University Utara Malaysia or any other institution of higher learning recognized by the University Senate with a CGPA at least 2.75; or

    b) A Bachelor’s degree with Honours from Universiti Utara Malaysia or any other institution of higher learning recognized by the University Senate with a CGPA less than 2.75 and relevant working experience; or

    c) Any other equivalent qualification recognized by the University Senate; and

    d) Fulfills the English Language requirement.
  • PROGRAMME STRUCTURE- (A) Full Research

    This programme is offered by full research. Students are required to:


    Attend and pass the following courses (if necessary) with at least B grade:
    • SZRZ 6014    Research Methodology;
    • SCLE 6014   Academic Writing; and/or
    •  Any other course as determined by the supervisor or Academic Committee


    Present and defend the proposed research to a committee;


    Present progress reports of research work at colloquiums arranged by the Graduate School or College;


    Attend a viva session to defend the thesis; and


    Submit a final thesis

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