Master of Science (Decision Science)

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  • The Master of Science (Decision Science) programme is designed to promote professional development of researchers, academicians and other involved in decision-making processes. Decision Science professionals are relevant in many fields such as manufacturing, marketing, banking, finance, logistics, healthcare, transportation, telecommunication, forestry, military, energy among others.

    Upon completion of the programme, graduates are expected to:

    1) Apply basic and advanced knowledge of mathematics, probability, statistics, operational research/decision science and operation management, as well as information and communication technology (ICT)

    2) Design, build models and solve real world, hypothetical and complex problems, and thus able to analyse and interpret data using appropriate computer tools.

    3) Use advanced quantitative techniques as well as qualitative approaches, modelling skills and other contemporary decision making tools for industries, public institution and society.

    4) Communicate effectively orally, graphically and in writing, and function in culturally diverse, gender-diverse and multi-disciplinary teams in presentable manner.

    5) Integrate, synthesize and evaluate organisational issues, and thus evaluate potential solutions in the broader context of the organisation or society.

    6) Participate in lifelong learning, career advancement activities, and keep up-to-date with knowledge of emerging technologies.

    7) Combine appropriate tangible and intangible decision making and entrepreneurial skills, in the form of written, oral and electronic media in related projects or research.

    8) Carry out professional and ethical responsibilities in any environment.

    9) Practise accountable and excellent leadership by exercising management and decision making skills when conducting projects or research.

    Master of Science (Decision Science) is offered in two modes:
    • Coursework and Dissertation
    • Research

    Head of Department :
    Name : Dr. Ruzelan bin Khalid 
    Tel: +604-928 6303
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Applicants for the Master’s Programme under the UUM College of Arts and Sciences must possess:

    1. A Bachelor’s degree with Honours from University Utara Malaysia or any other institution of higher learning recognized by the University Senate with a
        CGPA at least 2.75; or

    2. A Bachelor’s degree with Honours from Universiti Utara Malaysia or any other institution of higher learning recognized by the University Senate with a CGPA
        less than 2.75 and relevant working experience; or

    3. Any other equivalent qualification recognized by the University Senate; and

    4. Fulfills the English Language requirement




  • PROGRAMME STRUCTURE- Coursework and Dissertation

    Mode of studies Courses
    • SQIT5013 Business Programming Using Visual Tools
    • SQIT5023 Decision Support System
    • SQQP5043 Simulation for Decision Making
    • SQQP6014 Operation Research
    • SQQP6023 Heuristic Techniques for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
    • SZRZ6014 Research Methodology
    • SQQP69920 Dissertation
  • Students are required to:
    • Present and defend the proposed research to a committee;
    • Present progress reports of research work at colloquiums arranged by the Graduate School or College;
    • Attend a viva session to defend the thesis; and
    • Submit a final thesis.
    Students without sufficient research skills and knowledge are required to attend and pass the following courses with at least a B grade before being allowed to defend their proposal (i.e. within the first two semesters of their enrollment):
    • SZRZ6014 Research Methodology;
    • SCLE6014 Academic Writing; and/or
    • Any other course as determined by the supervisor or Academic Committee.

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