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The fourth industrial revolution

The inhumane economic situation propelled by incessant greed, values, principles and policies that eliminate the nature of humanity is getting alarming as these issues started to surface following the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Pro-Chancellor of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Tun Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim stated that, manpower is increasingly being replaced by sophisticated machines and robots. In fact, the benefits for the mankind brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution are still being questioned.

“In the Forth Industrial Revolution, many experts foresee that human responsibility will ultimately be replaced by robotic power that will lead to millions of people being retrenched especially in the manufacturing sector.

“In fact, we can see for ourselves that most of the major tasks involving services, telemarketing and real estate broker services can be accomplished through the automated process of software assistance.

“The introduction of the mass production concept has brought profits but what should be considered were issues involving humanity such as compassion, justice, universality, affection and human well-being, said Tun Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim during the third session of the UUM 30th Convocation Ceremony at the Mu'adzam Shah Hall.

He added that, the integrity of our country will be severely affected and the people in our country will be overwhelmed by foreign investors. Thus, Tun Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Ahmad Fairuz urged all graduates to take the initiative to innovate and take advantage of the 'blue ocean strategy' as we should not just wait for a hero to rescue us because in actual fact, we are the hero.

A total of 702 graduates received their scrolls during the third session of the 30th UUM Convocation Ceremony.

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