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UUM ONLINE: 3 April - Three PhD students will represent UUM at the national level Three-Minute Thesis Competition (3MT) 2018, which will be held in May after being crowned the winners of UUM Level 3MT 2018 Competition, today.

The three students, Okere Prince Hector Chimeremeze scooped the top prize in this competition, while Ahmad Afif Ahmarofi won the second place. The third place went to Annuar Aswan Mohd Noor. These three winners will compete with contestants from other universities at the Malaysia 3MT Competition 2018 at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Perak.

The three winners took home a cash prize of MYR300 and certificate, MYR200 and certificate and MYR100 and certificate respectively. The prizes were presented by the Dean of Awang Had Salleh Graduate School, Prof. Dr. Abdull Sukor Shaari.

Prof. Dr. Abdull Sukor remarked that, the 3MT was developed the University of Queensland, Australia and this prestigious academic competition helps to cultivate the PhD students’ presentation skills as they undertook the daunting and challenging tasks of presenting their thesis in a compelling three-minute presentation in front of non-specialist audience and the jury.

"In addition, the 3MT also provides the participants with invaluable networking opportunities with researchers from all over the world as this competition has become a global phenomenon," added Prof. Dr. Abdull Sukor during the UUM Level 3MT 2018 Competition at the OYAGSB Studio.

In this competition, participants are judged based on their ability to present the breadth and significance of their research using only one PowerPoint slide within three minutes in language that can be understood by non-specialist audience.

A total of seven participants took part in the UUM Level 3MT 2018 Competition and they were evaluated by panel of four judges led by Prof. Dr. Norshuhada Shiratuddin.

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