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Nasi Lemak Kopi O Session with the AHSGS Dean


Nasi Lemak Kopi O Session with the AHSGS Dean

AHSGS Online - Food has often been cited as offering a good vantage point for observing “togetherness”, hence the inspiration for the “Nasi Lemak Kopi O session with the AHSGS Dean”. Set in a casual ambience, 80 postgraduate students took the opportunity to interact and voice out their queries to the Dean and the management team while being served to an array of Malaysian cuisines such as the Nasi Lemak, Ketupat, Bubur Kacang and many more.

Students were also introduced to the newly implemented AHSGS Service Desk. The Dean of the Awang Had Salleh Graduate School, Professor Dr Abdull Sukor bin Shaari in his welcoming speech said: “Quality customer assistance and support, available round-the-clock is crucial for earning students’ satisfactions. An efficient help desk management system, often known as the “Ticketing system”, is a perfect and proactive solution that allows the graduate school to provide quality students’ assistance and support. One such help desk software solution like the AHSGS Service Desk, can truly automate the complete cycle of resolving our students’ complaints or service requests efficiently and accurately at the earliest. Anytime, anywhere, just write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be ready to serve you. This is because we truly care.”
The Dean then added that there is a crucial need for the management team and the students to regard each other as one big family in order to achieve the goals in each academic pursue.

During the two-hour session, students also spent quality bonding time with the management team in which, they have learnt how to play Malaysian traditional games such as the Congkak and Teng-teng from the Dean and the Deputy Dean themselves, participated in the best selfie contest and also wrote their gratitude on the “Dear Grad-School Wall”.

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