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2nd International Scholars Conference Universiti Utara Malaysia (ISCUUM)

 2nd International Scholars Conference Universiti Utara Malaysia ISCUUM

UUM ONLINE: Albeit the Covid-19 pandemic, response to academic programme is still favourably received, including international seminars such as the 2nd International Scholars Conference Universiti Utara Malaysia (ISCUUM) organised by the Executive Education and Professional Development (EEPD), Awang Had Salleh Graduate School (AHSGS) recently.  

The Director of EEPD, Dr. Manvender Kaur Sarjit Singh said, the three-day seminar received overwhelming participations despite the current pandemic situation.  

According to her, ISCUUM 2020 received participation from not only the locals, but also from international countries with 57 paper presentations held online.

With the theme of ‘Globalising Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Research’, two (2) prominent keynote speakers were invited to deliver their speeches entitled ‘Reinventing The Nation’ and ‘Non-cognitive Factors and Academic Achievement In The Knowmadic World’. The keynote speakers are the UUM CAS Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Huda Ibrahim and the Deputy Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Quest University International Perak, Prof. Dr. Ranjit Singh Gill.

According to Dr. Manvender Kaur, ISCUUM 2020 has successfully become the platform among the scholars and experts from various field to share knowledge and their research findings with the new adaptation on digital seminars which is currently fundamental.

“It is hoped that the organisation of this conference will encourage active participations of students in preserving the culture of research and knowledge sharing,” she said.  

The seminar was concluded with a forum session with the Dean of AHSGS, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hisham Dzakiria, Dr. Manvender who is also the Chair of ISCUUM 2020 and EEPD Felo, Dr. Mohan Rathakrishnan. The discussed issue was ‘Redesigning Your Research During the Pandemic: Issues with Data Collection’ which corresponds to the current global situation.


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