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UUM CAS welcomes new postgraduate students on campus

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News by Nur Amnazatul Eqmar Amerai Khan | Pictures by Rosmiza Ahmad

SINTOK: The new trimester (Trimester A231) for postgraduate students at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) has begun. A total of 248 individuals officially registered on 6 September as postgraduate students at UUM College of Arts and Sciences (UUM CAS), which is truly unexpected.

The registration process is set to continue until 14 September at the main office of Awang Had Salleh Graduate School (AHSGS), which is situated at the School of Computing building. The registration team is committed to providing assistance with registration matters to new students, even on weekends.

Dean of AHSGS, Prof. Dr. Norhafezah Yusof said, this trimester marks a historic event as it is the first time that new postgraduate students register at UUM CAS in person after having to register online for the previous three years owing to the widespread COVID-19 outbreak.

“A significant component of the recent postgraduate registration process which took place at UUM School of Computing was the inclusion of a comprehensive briefing session conducted on the same day of the registration.

“The objective of the briefing is to adequately prepare the postgraduate students for their academic journey,” she added.

The session was followed by an informative academic briefing by the Deputy Dean of AHSGS, Dr. Siti Nazuar Sailin. Next on the agenda was a talk delivered by fellow librarian, Mdm. Mazyana Hashim on library services offered by the Sultanah Bahiyah Library.

Attendees were also enlightened on the services made available by UUMIT, presented by its Director, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Muhamad Shahbani bin Abu Bakar. In addition, Mdm. Noor Nazila Nazren, a finance officer spoke about the range of services available at U-Assist.

The registration day was made even more eventful by a visit from the UUM CAS Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Osman Ghazali. His presence contributed an air of distinction and festivity to this momentous occasion. Moreover, esteemed professors, deans, representatives of dean, coordinators and lecturers were also present at the briefing session to gain insight into their prospective postgraduate students.

Heartfelt congratulations go to all the students who have successfully completed their registration for the current trimester. The successful completion of the registration process is in itself a significant milestone, and applause goes to the postgraduate students for their commitment and dedication demonstrated throughout.

As the new academic trimester commences, the management team at UUM CAS extends their sincere well wishes for a successful start and expresses hope that each student achieves well-deserved success in their pursuit of creating a significant impact through their studies.

These individuals are also advised to bear in mind that each action undertaken during their academic pursuit contributes significantly towards the realisation of their goals and aspirations. Hence, they have been urged to maintain their motivation and continue to strive for excellence.

The UUM College of Arts and Sciences looks forward to offering assistance to the newly enrolled postgraduate students and witnessing their achievements in the upcoming trimester.



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