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    Students are categorized based on nationality as Malaysian, ASEAN, and Non-ASEAN and are charged accordingly. Upon being accepted by the University, students shall make arrangements for their financial support and the payment of Student Fee throughout their study at the University. The Student Fee comprises of registration, tuition, accommodation and services. The Student Fee may be revised from time to time with prior notice being given to students.
    The Student Fee shall be paid within two (2) weeks after the commencement of each semester. Sponsored student must submit the Sponsorship Letter from the sponsor upon registration. The letter must clearly state the type of the fee covered under the sponsorship (such as registration, tuition, accommodation and services). Payment for campus accommodation may be arranged separately.
    UUM Student Fee is as listed below:

    Fee UUM Sintok UUMKL & Other Centres
    Full-time (RM) Part-time (RM) Full-time (RM) Full-time (RM) Part-time (RM) Part-time (RM)
    Non-recurring fee
    Registration 550 550 750 750 550 750
    Insurance 78 0 0 0 0 0
    Medical Examination 0 0 200 200 0 200
    Total 628 550 950 950 550 950
    Recurring fee
    Service 408 268 680 680 150 317
     Tuition fee      
     Coursework  300/credit hour  300/credit hour  450/credit hour  500/credit hour  400/credit hour  650/credit hour
           Master programme other than MBA
     Coursework  150/credit hour  150/credit hour  300/credit hour  340/credit hour  300/credit hour  360/credit hour
     Pre-requisite  150/credit hour  150/credit hour  200/credit hour  230/credit hour  0  0
     Project paper (less than
        12 credit hours)
     150/credit hour  150/credit hour  300/credit hour  340/credit hour  300/credit hour  360/credit hour
     Reserach Paper/
        Dissertation (12 credit
        hours and more)
     1000/semester  1000/semester  1500/semester  1700/semester  1000/semester  1700/semester
    Master programme by Research       
    Tuition  1100/semester  900/semester  1650/semester  1850/semester  0  0
    Pre-requisite   150/credit hour  150/credit hour  200/credit hour  230/credit hour  0  0
    Thesis examiniation
     950  950  1250  1450  0  0
    Thesis Re-examination
     950  950  1250  1450  0  0
    Coursework  425/credit hour  425/credit hour  550/credit hour  600/credit hour  625/credit hour  700/credit hour
    Consultation  425/credit hour  425/credit hour  550/credit hour  600/credit hour  625/credit hour  700/credit hour
    Dissertation   1800/semester  1800/semester  2400/semester  2760/semester  2400/semester 2880/semester
    Thesis Examination
     1750 1750   1950  2150  1750  2150
     Thesis Re-examination
     1750 1750   1950  2150  1750  2150
    PhD (Full research)       
     Tuition  1850/semester  1350/semester  2200/semester  2405/semester  0  0
    Pre-requisite course   150/credit hour  150/credit hour  200/credit hour  230/credit hour  0  0
    Thesis examination
     1750/semester  1750/semester  1950/semester  2150/semester  0  0
    Thesis  Re-examination
     1750/semester  1750/semester  1950/semester  2150/semester  0  0


    Nationality Charge Per Credit (RM)
    Malaysian 150.00
    ASEAN Countries 200.00
    Non ASEAN Countries 230.00


    Audit course is RM250.00


    Registration fee includes charges for orientation, smart card, student's activities and management fees.


    The estimates total fees includes registration, seervice, tuition and viva fees. Charges related to insurance, bond, and accommodation are not included in this estimates. Click here to view the estimated fees.


    Takaful Insurance coverage for students is as follows:-
    • Death Benefit (accident) : RM 60,000 per person
    • Permanent Disability : Based on percentage of permanent disability
    • Medical Treatment : RM 2,000 per annum/ person
    • Hospital Benefits : RM 25.00 per day, up to RM 2,000.00 (maximum) per annum/ person
    International student must be covered under the Health Insurance Scheme comprises of Group Hospitalization and Surgical Plan (GHS) and Group Term Life (GTL). The student must purchase the Insurance Policy from agent appointed by the University upon registration.

    International students are required to pay a student's bond during registration. The bond will be refunded upon the completion of studies. The rate of student's bond is as listed below:
      Country   Rate (RM)
    1.  Bangladesh 750.00 
    2.   Canada  2,000.00
    3.  Hong Kong 1,000.00
    4. India 750.00
    5. Indonesia 500.00
    6. Japan 1,000.00
    7. Korea 1,000.00
    8. Macau 1,000.00
    9. Myanmar 750.00
    10. Nepal 750.00
    11. Pakistan 750.00
    12. Philippines 750.00
    13. Singapore 200.00
    14. Sri Lanka 750.00
    15. Taiwan 750.00
    16. Thailand 300.00
    17. U.S.A 2,000.00

    *The rate of student's bond for unlisted countries is RM1,500.00.


    The rate of accommodation fees is as follows:

    Student Residental Accommodation Fees
    Local Students (RM) International Student (RM)
    2 persons/room 375/semester 450/semester
    3 persons/room 300/semester 350/semester
    4 persons/room 225/semester 250/semester
    Off semester rate 4.00/day 5.00/day
    Maybank Sstudents Residental Hall 900/semester
    (Deposit RM250)
    (Deposit RM250)
    UUM Staff Quarters (Taman Universiti) 1200/semester 1200/semester

    Note: In campus accomodation for  postgraduate students is not guranteed and subjet to availability.


    The rental rates at Taman Siswa are as follows:

    Room or House Rate  per month Deposit (3 months) Per month
    Single Room 1 RM300* RM900 RM300 RM900
    Room 2 RM300* RM900 RM300
    Room3 RM300* RM900 RM300
    Family House RM550* RM 2550 RM850  

    * Utily cost (electricity and water) are to be paid by the occupant.

    For further enquiries and bookings , please contact:
    Mr Tarmidi Mahamod
    Assistant Hostel Manager
    Tel : 604 - 919 9114 / 9106 (office) or 019-458 6015 (mobile)
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The charge for medical and blood test is RM 200.00 per student. Read more...


    Students may make payment to the university using any of the payment modes listed below;

    1. e-com (FPX)
    FPX (Financial Process Exchange) is a multi-bank online internet banking service available through the link: http://e-com.uum.edu.my/bend/paymode.jsp. FPX can be used by registered internet banking account holder with any of the bank listed below. A minimum service fee of RM0.70 is charged for payment made via FPX. Student will receive a confirmation on successful transaction which shall be printed and presented during registration as proof of payment. FPX service is available from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm daily.
    FPX Participating Banks:
    • Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
    • Bank Bumiputra Commerce (CIMB)
    • Hong Leong Bank Berhad
    • Public Bank Berhad

    2. e-com (Credit Card)
    Payment by credit card is available via Internet for Master Card or Visa Card holders worldwise through UUM website with the following link http://e-com.uum.edu.my/creditcard/utama.jsp. The site protected under secure environment 'Securecode'/ 'Verified by Visa'. Student will receive a confirmation on successful transaction which shall be printed and presented during registration as proof of payment.

    3. Payment at Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) counters nationwide
    Payment can be made at any BIMB counter nationwide via Bill Payment.
    The payment will be updated in the student's account on the next working day.
    How to make payment through BIMB counter:
    i. Go to any BIMB counter nationwide
    ii. Complete the Bill Payment Slip with the following details:
    a. Name
    b. I/C No.
    c. Payment to whom (UUM)
    d. Reference No.: student's matrik number
    iii. Present the Bill Payment Slip at BIMB counter and retain the Bill Payment slip as proof of payment.

    4. e-Tunai (e-Cash)
    e-Tunai or MEPS Cash is a payment using the SmartCard/ Bankcard. Student can use the smart Card/ Bank Card in 5 outlets in UUM, which are: Bursary Counter, Sultanah Bahiyah Library, Corporative Shops, PUSUR (Sports and Recreations Centre) and Unimart Supermarket.

    5. Telegraph Transfer (TT) - For payment outside Malaysia
    Payment from outside Malaysia can be made through TT as below:

    Beneficiary Universiti Utara Malaysia
    Bank Name Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
    Account Number 02093010000010 (there are 14 digits)
    Bank branch / Address Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB)
    UUM Branch
    Universiti Utara Malaysia
    06010 Sintok, Kedah
    Swift code BIMBMYKL
    Bank tel. number 604 924 6271

    The document must be presented upon registration as proof of payment.

    Summary ofP ayment Mode and Type of Payment

    Num.  Payment Mode  Types of Payment
     1. e-com (FPX)   Student fee and other payments
    2.   e-com (Credit card)  Student fee and other payments
     3. BIMB Counter  Student fee, outstanding amont in student's account, processing fees for UUM undergraduate and postgraduate applications
     4. e-tunai (e-cash)   Student fee, libarary charges & other payments
    5. Internet Banking Student fee & other payments

    Cash payment made at Bursary counter is subjected to a service charge of RM 20.00. Payment in foreign currency is not accepted at the Bursary counter.


    All fees must be paid within thirty (30) days after the commencement of the semester.

    Students who fail to settle the fee within the stipulated time is subjected to the penalty as follow:
    a) the status be de-active and student is not allowed to register;
    b) the student who remain inactive more than one (1) month after the commencement of the semester without prior approval from the Dean to defer study, shall be terminated;
    c) the student who have outstanding fee will not be allowed to collect the academic transcript, letter of complete study and/or certificate of degree;
    d) the student will be deprived from attending the convocation ceremony.


    a) Student Fee is subjected to a refund when the student appplication for deferment or termination of study is approved by the Graduate School.
    b) Type of fee and percentage of refund is as follows:
    Type of Fees Percentage of Refund
    Deferment of Study/Withdrawal of Course/terminated by the University New students who rejected the offer before the beginning of the semester
    Within 30 days of the end of the course registration After 30 days of the end of the course registration
    Registration Non-refundable Non-refundable Non-refundable
    Takaful Non-refundable Non-refundable Non-refundable
    Student welfare Non-refundable Non-refundable Non-refundable
    Tuition 50% Non-refundable 100%
    Accommodation 50% Non-refundable 100%
    Health 50% Non-refundable 100%
    Library 50% Non-refundable 100%
    Dental service 50% Non-refundable 100%
    Sports 50% Non-refundable 100%
    Computer Non-refundable Non-refundable 100%

    • 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded if a withdrawal is made within 30 days from the last date of course registration period. No refund will be given for a withdrawal made thereafter.
    • Any charges of other fees shall be deducted from the refund.

    c) Others
    • The University has the right to claim from students any outstanding amount even though they have ceased to be registered students.
    • In the event of students who postponed their studies, the amount of refund, will be carried forward to the following semester.
    • In all circumstances a letter of confirmation/ approval issued by the Graduate School must be obtained before making any claim to the Bursar's Department.
  • Particulars Charges
    Appeal to review examination results RM100.00 per course
    Obtain a second copy of the examination result RM100.00 per semester result
    Late collection of conformation slip of registration/examination slip or examination result RM10.00 per day (not exceeding RM50.00)
    Extra copy of transcript RM 10.00 per copy
    Payment for change of programme RM 200.00 per application
    Penalty for late registration / re-activate student status RM 200.00 per semester


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